By iZeno

Every organisation is sprinting to meet customer expectations before their competitors steal the light by embracing the fast pace of innovation, so why trapped in cumbersome practices in areas as fundamental as a login system? Multiple logins to your enterprise applications decrease efficiency and increase frustration levels while providing little-to-no benefit to the end user. An alternative?

Single Sign On (SSO) as your Business Solution


What is SSO Technology?

SSO technology refers to the system where a single login is all a user needs to access multiple business applications to complete the daily operational processes.

Why SSO Implementation?

Save on Helpdesk Costs
Gartner [1] and Forrester [2] released independent research reports, which concluded that 30-50% of the total requests that a helpdesk receives are requests for a password reset or access to a particular application. According to the reports, the labour costs for these services alone can go as high as $70 per request.

Adoption of Single Sign-On technology can drastically cut down on this waste of financial resources by up to 50%.

What about Security?
How safe is having only one login for all applications?

At first glance, it may seem unsafe to have a single login granting access to multiple applications and services. However, the naysayers fail to consider one simple fact: a single login allows for a more complex and secure password, which will be inherently safer than multiple weaker ones.

As the end-users only have to remember one password, they can take better steps to recall and safeguard it. Hence, rather than decreasing it, adopting SSO increases the security of your applications and services.

Increase Efficiency/Productivity
No specific research has studied the amount of time people waste logging into multiple services. However, unsuccessful password attempts lead to an arduous recovery process. Multiple logins only compound this problem further, i.e. increasing the probability of the user forgetting the appropriate validation details. All this time could have been spent on productive tasks instead. A Single Sign-On system will immediately eliminate the bulk of time people spend trying to log in. A single password can grant access to all the services they require.

Allow technology to assist you
Businesses were never meant to play second fiddle to technology. Instead, technology should be leveraged to optimise the ease of carrying out daily activities and workloads, while reducing costs at the same time.

Single Sign-On technology helps in making the user experience more fluid and efficient, reducing helpdesk costs, and providing a much more secure alternative to traditional multiple login systems. Many businesses have already adopted SSO technologies to ease their operational processes. Make sure your business doesn’t miss out on the host of advantages that Single Sign-On (SSO) technology brings with it.

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