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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a discipline in a software development lifecycle process (SDLC) focused on tight collaboration between Development and Operations whilst perpetuating robust Security practices on top of it.

Our approach to DevSecOps combines a suite of solutions across every step of the DevOps cycle to facilitate the operations of the Development and Operations teams working in tandem to promote a platform that delivers greater value.

Key Benefits >

Plan, Track, & Support

Jira Software is a process management tool used by Agile teams. Jira Service Management is a modern incident management platform with SLA-oriented services.


Confluence is a content collaboration tool used to centralize business documents and promote a collaborative culture

Code, Build, & Ship

BitBucket is a source code management (SCM) system for code versioning and release. Bamboo manages continuous integration, deployment, and release management.

Foster a culture of collaboration

Our Approach to DevSecOps is focused on tight collaboration between Development and Operations teams whilst implementing robust Security practices throughout the process. We believe that a real-life implementation of DevSecOps is not simply about having the right platform as a Service (PaaS), but it is also about formulating a process management framework that connects multiple stakeholders in an organization to ensure that the right teams, processes, and technologies can be employed in an agile, dynamic and accountable way.

We are also in partnership with Appfire and BigPicture in developing highly detailed project planning and management solution for medium-large enterprises.


One of the biggest tech benefits to a DevSecOps approach is automating away the manual tasks that bog down critical projects. Large organizations often have the time, money and people to set up automated tools, such as CI/CD pipelines, unit and integration test suites and config management systems. The biggest challenge in the enterprise world is trying to make everyone happy.


An increasingly important part of DevSecOps is adding layers of Application security, besides the usual Network segmentation and Firewalls. We bring leading systems covering secure planning and documentation, coding practices, libraries and dependencies, configuration, building, deployment, platforms, and operations.

Rapid Feedback

There are different types of feedback that come with DevSecOps: automated feedback about specific code (typically through unit and integration testing software), personal feedback from other team members, consumer feedback from customers using your product and cross-team feedback throughout the organization. Startups and small companies may find it easier to have open lines of communication between individual team members as well as across teams.

In this white paper, we followed the generalization path. The five big challenges that modern PMOs and DTOs face boil down to the following: match what a butterfly needs (human) to what an elephant needs (organization)—both creatures can find themselves in the middle of a city. 

Download our white paper on Striving for the Next Level of Innovativeness and Operational Efficiency, Now!

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