Secure Global Demand with Intelligent Insights

Enabling complete end-to-end Business Intelligence Solution for a Global Leader Eyecare Provider

Consumer Demand is Not Captured in Real-Time

Our Client came to us, representing their 300+ legal entities around the world. Upholding their status as the world-renowned leaders in innovation, our Client noticed that their vision and mission to provide eye care worldwide, every day, was challenged by the limitation of their prior systems in used such as QlikView.

At the time of engagement, our client faced a rising demand that was not being captured in real time, hence risking losing opportunities to their competitors. The inefficiency of internal processes caused delays of information delivery, which eventually hindered the effectiveness of strategic decision making.

Streamline the information flow

Gain reliable Insights

Seamless Sale

Enable Real-time Reporting and Analytics for Global Demand

Our solution has given them a whole new approach to access data, create reports and practice real-time analysis for insights.

Data consolidation from various departments across the globe is now seamlessly processed. The capability has allowed all manual processes to be replaced by automation. Hence information is readily available within 1 hour from the time of initiation, as opposed to a more than 2 weeks of lag time prior to our solution application.

While the former architecture used up extensive hours to load data from various sources to central data lake. They are now able to anticipate global needs and provide the right product to the right person at the right time, all within the 15 minutes time frame.

Their innovative transformation has allowed operational and business level performance to be monitored, hence enabled top management to achieve a level business agility under various circumstances.

How did our client achieve their business objective?

Our Client chose our entire suite of solution stack. Due to the nature of data complexity and wide project scope, we have sectioned the project into a different phase. The solution is inclusive of data consolidation from across our Client’s subsidiary and partners into the new Enterprise Datawarehouse, where standardisation applied. Our Clients took on the 5 years rollout project starting with the datasets for entities in Singapore and subsequently the rest of the region in phases.

The following Services and Solution that were engaged:
  • iZeno entire solution stack for Business Intelligence
  • iZeno service of technology implementation and integration
  • Tibco Jaspersoft Technology for reporting and dashboard
  • Talend Technology for data integration
  • Greenpum DB as Enterprise Data Warehouse