For most of us, it’s usually an automatic process when it comes to renewing things. Maybe there’s no need to change or the current solution does the job just fine, but, what happens when the solution isn’t letting you achieve your full potential?

Or maybe you don’t really need a solution that can do everything

It’s important to be aware of your needs when renewal time comes around so you can work with your vendor to generate the most value out of your CRM applications. With your CRM needs in mind, you should constantly be checking how well the solution is fitting your needs because technology should never be getting in the way of your success

So before you click the renew button, take the time to consider these important points:

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Are you giving enough feedback to your vendor? Is the feedback being acted upon?

CRM is a journey and in the very least, your CRM vendor should be there to help by providing guidance or resources to help you operate efficiently. Business reviews, touch points, and sync ups are important for both you and your vendor as it allows both parties to synchronize and better align. This is important as both parties benefit from consistent and open communication- your grievances are made known and your vendor learns how to keep you (a VERY valuable client) happy

Do your internal teams have difficulty with certain aspects of the solution?

If your teams are having trouble with certain aspects of the solution, your teams are not acting at full potential

Your CRM should be intuitive and needs to let your teams work their best. Consider a situation where your sales teams are having issues with following up leads. At best, time is wasted but even simple wasted time is time that could’ve been spent closing sales.

If you’re finding that your CRM is bottle necking your team’s performance, you should work with your vendor to see how your solution can be modified. After all, technology should never be the reason for lost revenue.

Has it helped your sales?

If you answer isn’t a big YES, you definitely need to open communications with your vendor. This can be the result of numerous issues and should be reason to pause and reconsider your current solutions and processes

Closing statements

If any of these questions were an eye-opening moment, it might just be time to open up a discussion with your vendor to see how you can reconfigure your solutions to better suit your needs. After all, you can’t perform your best with bottleneck but fortunately, your vendor is always there to help

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