Manufacturers are under competition, price, and disruption pressures and their list of needs would be familiar to almost any business today. It’s no secret that digital transformation is disrupting the way businesses interact with their customers. The upside is that these disruptions provide new opportunities to streamline the business. The challenge facing all manufacturers is to be flexible enough to react to market changes while at the same time keeping an eye on costs. The challenges with adoption of CRM, historically, is that the people who stand to benefit most from CRM either can’t or won’t use it, because traditional CRM systems can be overly complex and very user unfriendly. But modern CRM has come a long way – and it’s time to take a fresh look at what it can do for your business.  

CRM can improve repeat business by providing sales, marketing, and customer service teams with a more comprehensive customer view that helps them create and execute an end-to-end engagement strategy. Providing a customer experience that is consistently better than your competitors at every touchpoint should be the topmost priority of the business, you can achieve that through a deep understanding of customers needs as they research, evaluate, shop for, buy, and use your product or service.

Having business-wide processes and using automation can eliminate errors and save time and cost. Smart manufacturers are using CRM to set up simple but effective sales-driven demand forecasting drawn from the front line and delivered to finance and the supply chain. CRM is built for this. And when it’s integrated in real time with other applications like finance and email, nothing would slip through the cracks.

CRM success starts well before the technology purchase. It’s important, to begin with, a blueprint encompassing business alignment, team building, and change management. These foundational elements will help to ensure maximum adoption and business benefit from your CRM solution. CRM planning processes must focus on getting everyone on board. If your organization has a status-quo culture, you could face stiff resistance. It’s essential to define your success metrics for CRM as part of the buying process because these metrics will help you determine the functionality you will need in order to deliver a positive top – or bottom-line results. You want to measure CRM performance with precision for optimal outcomes.

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