Orchestrate the Customer Journey with Ease

Optimize how you connect with your customers

Manage internal and external processes with the Sugar Customer Journey Solution

Through the customer journey mapping software provided by SugarCRM, it’s possible to manage both internal and external processes within the consumer life cycle such as account or territory planning.

Getting started is easy

When using the journey mapping software, there’s little need for specialized training as the visual guide provided clearly guides the user through each touch point and displays what actions are required. The visual guide makes it possible for non-technical users to use the powerful features of this solution with very little startup time. This alleviates some of the initial startup stresses that are commonly associated with integrating new systems to a businesses operations.

Automate the process with ease

Understanding data is only the first step in attaining improved business performance you need to be able to apply such knowledge to your practices. By using the workflow tool, users can automate business processes to improve the customer experience as they progress along the customer’s life cycle. This way, each process is assigned to the right employee so that the entire team can collaborate across any device.

Take control of the customer experience

With the Sugar Customer Journey solution, you can control how each interaction between your organization and customers is handled also track the ongoing progress of any leads as they progress through the evaluation, selection and purchase stages and by continually monitoring the consumer experience. This allows you the ability to deliver targeted value and assist your team members by keeping them up-to-date with the latest information.

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is the Elite Partner of SugarCRM

iZeno is the only Elite Partner of SugarCRM in Singapore, with over 
10 years of success implementation and delivery.

We work with companies & organisations to build a 360 overview of their customers (internal and external) and optimize their sales, marketing and support processes using SugarCRM and also integrates with many other solutions such as Hootsuite, Moobidesk, Zendesk, Inbox25, Xero and legacy core systems to drive business outcome.