SINGAPORE, 1st February 2023 – Along with Logicalis, iZeno Pte Ltd donated 18 units of laptop with some accessories to Engineering Good under their Computers against COVID program. Engineering Good is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that supports inclusivity for vulnerable communities, such as persons with disabilities and low-income families, through sustainable engineering and technology. This program is mainly conducted to inspire a better future for young, motivated people.

The laptops donated by the Logicalis and iZeno teams will be refurbished by the Engineering Good team together with volunteers and donated to those who are from lower-income families, people needing a fresh start out of prison, and others in need.

Engineering Good not only helps to refurbish these laptops so they can be distributed but also holds repair workshops to help others repair their laptops as well. This small team of 12 also looks into making products that help those with disabilities with affordable assistive technology.

During our visit to their office, we were given a tour of their workspace, where the refurbishment takes place, and introduced to the entire process of donation, refurbishment, and distribution. It was a great learning experience for us as a team.

The program provided iZeno with the chance to directly interact with individuals with disabilities, comprehend their requirements and difficulties, and contribute to their technology development.

This initiative served as an opportunity for us to learn how technology can assist in reducing societal and self-imposed barriers, empowering these individuals to lead more self-sufficient lives and flourish in society.

This is just the beginning of our joint community responsibility and sustainability efforts with Logicalis, and we look forward to participating in many more initiatives in the future.

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