On May 25, 2023, iZeno, together with our esteemed partners Dataiku and Snowflake, hosted an event in Jakarta with the theme “Accelerate your Journey in Data Science with Dataiku and Snowflake.” The objective of this sharing session was to provide an opportunity for participants to explore how to build a modern data architecture with Snowflake’s leading Cloud Data Platform, available on all three significant clouds, and to explore Dataiku’s advanced customer segmentation techniques by blending machine learning with existing approaches, deepening product expertise, and enhancing marketing effectiveness.

The event was graced by the presence of Deddy Johari, iZeno’s Director, Jonathan Asvestis, a Partner Solution Engineer at Snowflake, and Nicholas Eng, Sales Engineer at Dataiku. The speakers presented their expertise and insights on the latest trends and innovations in data science, data architecture, and machine learning.

Deddy began his presentation by discussing the goals, challenges, and opportunities faced by data-driven enterprises. He emphasized the importance and necessity of cloud computing in today’s market and explained modern data architecture, data operation, and machine learning operation in a simplified manner.

During the presentation, Deddy shared examples of how our clients, such as Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) and Bank Tabungan Negara, have benefited from our capabilities in data engineering, data analytics, and cloud management. PNM, for instance, utilized Confluent and Dataiku to improve their credit scoring and customer profiling, as well as to enhance their fraud detection abilities. Meanwhile, Bank Tabungan Negara leveraged Dataiku to build Customer 360 and Advanced Analytics solutions, which helped them tackle their business challenges.

Finally, Deddy spoke about the potential of Data Science with Dataiku and Snowflake in accelerating participants’ journeys towards digital transformation. By leveraging these technologies, organizations can effectively and efficiently harness the power of data to drive their business forward.

In conclusion, Deddy’s presentation provided valuable insights into the world of data-driven enterprises and showcased our capabilities in delivering data engineering, data analytics, and cloud management solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Jonathan, a Partner Solution Engineer, recently started his presentation by highlighting on modernizing data platforms through the use of Snowflake. He began by discussing the evolution of data structures over the past decade, from mobilized data in 2014 to connected data in 2017, and ultimately programmed data in 2022. He went on to highlight the various data and technology challenges faced by enterprises, emphasizing the need to establish a modern data platform to address these challenges.

Jonathan explained the essential characteristics of a modern data platform and highlighted how Snowflake’s Data Cloud meets all of these requirements. He also provided a clear and concise overview of how to enable Snowflake Data Cloud in just three steps: Enrich, Extend, Enhance, and Engage.

Additionally, Jonathan shared some success stories from Snowflake’s customers, demonstrating the necessity of the Data Cloud within an organization. He concluded his presentation by summarizing what the Data Cloud is and how customers can rely on it to break down silos within their organization, connect with content across their ecosystem of partners and customers, and incorporate new data and applications from third parties.

In conclusion, Jonathan’s presentation highlighted the importance of establishing a modern data platform in today’s data-driven world. By leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud, organizations can meet the challenges of managing and processing data, and gain insights that drive business success.

Following Jonathan’s presentation, Nicholas Eng, Dataiku’s Sales Engineer, shared more about the capabilities of the Dataiku product and demonstrated its joint architecture with Snowflake. Nicholas showcased how the integrated platform enables users to leverage a full suite of data and AI capabilities and highlighted the various features and use cases for the Dataiku and Snowflake integrations. He concluded his session by emphasizing the importance of the Dataiku Business Solutions Catalog.

In summary, Nicholas’s presentations provided valuable insights into the important role of AI in modern organizations and the capabilities of the Dataiku platform. The demonstrations showcased the streamlined joint architecture of Dataiku and Snowflake and how it empowers users to leverage data and AI capabilities to achieve their business objectives.

Deddy Johari
Director, Technology
Jonathan Asvestis
Partner Solution Engineer @Snowflake
Nicholas Eng
Sales Engineer @Dataiku

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