On the 3rd of November 2022, iZeno, alongside our partner, Atlassian, hosted an event in Jakarta. 

The theme of this event was “ITSM, DevOps, and Cloud Migration with Atlassian.” The objective of this sharing session was to allow participants to explore what ITSM, DevOps, and Cloud Migration are, how to accelerate and strategize their journeys in ITSM, DevOps, and Cloud Migration initiatives, and why they should implement ITSM, DevOps, and Cloud Migration in their businesses.

The event opened with Priska Aprilia, Project Manager from iZeno, Irene Angreini, Senior Software Engineer from iZeno, Robby Surya Winardhi, Senior Business Analyst from iZeno, and Billy Theno, Software Engineer from iZeno.

Priska begins her presentation by highlighting modern IT Ops with Jira Service Management for high-velocity teams. She also briefed on the components of modern, high-performing IT teams and modern service management for high-velocity teams. She also shared more on incident management, including seamless modern end-to-end incident management, which helps the IT teams to respond, escalate, bring in the right responders, swarm, and ultimately minimize downtime. Besides, she also covers change enablement by emphasizing the challenges and ways to improve the flow of change. She ends her presentation by explaining how iZeno, as the first Atlassian ITSM specialized partner in APAC, is able to kick-start the transformation journey and put all the ideas into action.

Robby Surya Winardhi, our Senior Business Analyst, and Billy Theno, our Software Engineer showcased a live demo on embedding DevOps into modern IT Ops. This helped many to understand the implementation and importance of DevOps in today’s digital world.

On the other hand, our Senior Software Engineer, Irene Angreini shared her knowledge of the cloud migration journey with our attendees. Throughout her session, she highlighted what is meant by “cloud migration” and how Atlassian cloud products empower over 125,000 organizations around the world to do their best work in terms of security, privacy, scale, reliability, and compliance. She also enlightened our attendees on why they should migrate to the cloud now and how this journey will benefit their organizations by reducing costs, increasing profitability, making it easier to scale and grow, and improving productivity, speed, and performance. She also walked us through the cloud migration journey, from assessing, planning, preparing, testing, and migrating to launching. She ends her presentation by explaining how iZeno, as the first Atlassian Cloud specialized partner in Asia, can accompany you on your cloud migration journey and your journey on the cloud.

Priska Aprilia
Project Manager @iZeno
Irene Angreini
Senior Software Engineer @iZeno
Robby Surya Winardhi
Senior Business Analyst @iZeno
Billy Theno
Software Engineer @iZeno

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