TIBCO recently announced the launch of Spotfire X, the most sophisticated version of Spotfire to date. Spotfire’s all-new A(X) Experience is now agile, augmented, automatic, and accelerated. Let’s look at this exciting new launch in more detail.

Artificial Intelligence capabilities help you get even more out of your data

Current users already love the agility Spotfire brings to exploring the unknowns in your data. You can drag and drop visualizations, link them together, compute powerful metrics, filter and drill to just the most important bits of information, and then bring it all together to understand the business impact. This agile nature of Spotfire is alive and thriving.

Now, with Spotfire X and the A(X) Experience, TIBCO has taken it even further, making it the most streamlined and aesthetically beautiful analytics experience in the industry. The A(X) Experience has more than just an elegant, easy-to-use drag and drop interface. It will now harness the power of AI to augment your knowledge and magnify your skills.

The A(X) Experience uses natural language query, or NLQ, to help you create complex visualizations using simple, real language requests — just type what you want and Spotfire will show it to you. Using powerful machine learning methods that run continuously behind the scenes, Spotfire X also has the ability to show you relationships and structures in the data that you couldn’t previously uncover.

Automated data wrangling

Most users know about Spotfire’s unique “data wrangling” approach, where you can visually find and fix data quality problems by transforming and merging values from different sources and then merging that data.

Now, Spotfire X captures all of those steps automatically on our data canvas so you can recall and reuse that data processing, making for a completely repeatable process. The new Spotfire X experience now lets you not only edit steps but create completely new transformation flows directly from this data canvas.

Spotfire X supports streaming data for real-time situational awareness

The most significant new capability with this release is something that users have been wanting for a long time. Spotfire X now natively supports streaming data to give you real-time situational awareness about any operating system.

The value here is not just charts that move; it’s that you can relate streaming data to contextual and historical data, combine the past and the present to help you understand how what you are seeing came to be, and what you might do to change the future. With Spotfire X, there are three completely new ways to interact with data. AI-powered recommendations, the unique data quality feature, and support for real-time streaming data for a singular, beautiful experience.

Spotfire X is going to explode what you can do with analytics. The A(X) experience is going to help you execute at the speed of your business. We’re going to help you get insight faster, help your company get value from analytics faster, and make the data move faster so analytics delivers more value to operational and industrial challenges. That’s why the A(X) experience is more than the sum of its parts; it’s quite simply analytics — accelerated.

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