Formula One racing is one of the most fast-paced sports out there. Teams are constantly developing and altering race strategies using experience, continuous awareness, and systematic thinking to adapt to the rapid pace of change. This concept can easily translate to all types of businesses which have to evolve at the speed of digital and continuously adapt to market changes to gain a competitive advantage. Here are a few ways for how your business can maintain its edge and come out on top, just like Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport:

Utilize data

Like Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, businesses expel thousands of data points each day across the organization. Staff needs to find the data that matters, the data that will make a difference. Data empowers everyone in an organization to make informed decisions and is the difference between a digital leader and a digital laggard. Data can be used to design the best products or service strategy, allowing business leaders to evaluate the kinds of technology a business needs to operate. They must find the best way to appeal to customers, delivering an irresistible product that keeps them coming back for more. Like Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, your business needs to find the best way to take advantage of all the data points your business is putting out each day.

Build a contextually-aware business

Businesses need to know what’s going on throughout the company. It all starts by capturing data and generating insights to understand what is happening in real time. By being contextually aware, businesses are able to prevent issues before they happen. Connected digital products that incorporate IoT and streaming analytics technologies helps determine optimal resource utilization and monitor productivity, operations, and maintenance.

Focus on speed and quality of decisions

Today’s businesses require constant decision making from frontline workers. Automation of routine decisions through real-time decision-making is key so resources are focused on innovating rather than the routine. Companies must also look to analytics technology to create models and simulations of scenarios that they might encounter to get the most impact from a fixed set of resources.

Keep an eye on the competition

The best businesses leverage a digital customer experience to respond to the demands and needs of customers and delight them by using data analytics to identify competitive trends and generate insights and ideas. They also collect information on the competition to be able to respond to any scenario that might come their way. By utilizing data, building a contextually-aware business, and focusing on speed and quality decisions, your business can easily get a leg up on the competition.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport is more similar to your business than you think. You can take the same principles the team uses on the race track and apply them to the boardroom. In no time, you can run your business and win, just like they do.

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