By iZeno:

Service Scheduling within SugarCRM is like a Catalogue of Services provided to the customer. They are resources, facilities, and equipment needed to deliver these services to the customer by allowing you to schedule. Service Scheduling help to determine where the resources are and how they are engaged and thus enable a predefined set of rules to allow to automate the select the resources based on specific criteria.  This feature specifically designed to manage case requests or issues raised by customers and/or other stakeholders involved in after sales support/Maintenance.

Typical criteria used for case assignments are as follow:

  • Skill Sets
  • Current calendar schedule.

iZeno’s Service Scheduling module extended the framework to provide additional features. The Resources can be either part of Vendor Organization or Partner Organization. When the Service Schedule is created, System automatically selects the Resources required to deliver the service to the customer.

Resources (at this instance refer to “Service Agent”) are picked based on the Skill level and Specialization initially set on their profile. Above, we can see that the case has been assigned to Charles James from 14.30 to 15.00 on 01/06/2017.

When the resource is busy, system automatically detects and display specific period as Busy, indicated by grey blocks.

SugarCRM advance Reporting capabilities provide insights on overall schedule of resources
Sample Reports: Summary of Schedules

The above diagram is the total number of schedules assigned per day. Such report will be useful to indicate the volume of cases on average per day, whether or not they have allocated enough manpower to deliver. For outliers such as the 23rd May, management are able to justify whether the recent product launch (an instance) causes the sudden incline.

Sample Reports: Summary of Incident/Case type

The above diagram explains the total number of cases for every identified subject matter being raised by customers. This information is useful as an indication of which subject matter to prioritized when it comes to making business improvement, such as hiring more expert or quality control.