Talend Makes Big Data Integration Easy, Fast, and Affordable

Big data integration is a key operational challenge for today’s enterprise IT departments. IT groups may find their skill sets, workload, and budgets over-stretched by the need to manage terabytes or petabytes of data in a way that delivers genuine value to business users. Talend, the leading provider of open source data management solutions, helps organizations large and small meet the big data challenge by making big data integration easy, fast, and affordable.

Big Data Integration Made Easy

Talend Open Studio for Big Data greatly simplifies the process of working with Hadoop, Apache’s open source MapReduce implementation that’s rapidly become the leading framework for computational processing of massive data sets. Hadoop and associated Hadoop applications like HDFS and Hadoop Hive have delivered tremendous value in some of the world’s most demanding big data environments, but at the same time are complicated to use and require new skill sets that many IT shops currently lack.

With Talend’s open source big data integration software, you can move data into HDFS or Hive, perform operations on it, and extract it without having to do any coding. In the Eclipse-based Talend GUI, you simply drag, drop, and configure graphical components representing a wide array of Hadoop-related operations, and the Talend software automatically generates the corresponding code (including Hadoop Pig Latin code for transforming data stored in HDFS). This easily created code can then be deployed as a stand-alone job, an executable, or a big data integration service.

Talend Open Studio for Big Data also enables you to incorporate big data services into your overall data management services architecture. The Talend graphical workspace includes hundreds of components that make it easy to move data between a Hadoop environment and any major database or file format.

Big Data Integration Made Fast

With Talend, big data integration jobs can be built in minutes rather than days or weeks. And with its metadata repository that facilitates easy reuse of jobs and job parts, Talend Open Studio for Big Data saves you more time the more you use it.

As an open source solution freely available for download, Talend also helps you to start resolving those big data integration challenges now rather than later.

Big Data Integration Made Affordable

Talend is the only pure open source solution to today’s big data integration challenges. Talend’s fully functional open source software is free to download and to use for as long as you want.

For enterprises seeking even more big data management functionality, Talend also offers the subscription-based Talend Data Integration suite. Costing far less than competing commercial products, Talend Data Integration extends Talend Open Studio for Big Data with enterprise-grade features like multi-job load balancing, application failover, and SOA enablement, as well as first-rate technical support.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.

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